I samarbete med vår partner SMART Technology Solutions höll vi ett webbinarium om hur organisationer kan jobba smartare med Microsoft 365 i den digitala arbetsplatsen.

Du kan se den inspelade versionen av webbinariumet här.
Webbinariumet är på engelska.

Get Introduced to Modern, On-demand and Continuous training

Forget the traditional way to upskill employees and explore learning right from within your own Microsoft environment. Learn about how other companies are transforming their workplace and reap the benefits of more efficient collaboration, communication and information sharing.

Experience a ground-breaking and cost effective way of training your employees, using the power of storytelling and real-life scenarios to INSPIRE, MOTIVATE and EDUCATE users in working smarter with Microsoft 365.

Together with our new partner SMART Technology Solutions we invite you to a webinar about how to work smarter with Microsoft 365 in the digital workplace.

Albara Bahjatt CEO of SMART Technology Solutions, and Ulrika Hedlund CEO and Productivity Expert at Storyals, are leading you through this session where you will learn, be inspired and ask questions to these field leading experts.


  • Relevant research and trends in corporate digital training.
  • Solutions and tools for org-wide digital training. What are the keys to success?
  • Recommendations and learnings from other companies.